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March 21-24th

The Big Tyme Classic

$7,000 Added Guaranteed

Events Below:

March 21 - Invitational 16 player One Pocket - $1,000 Added - ($150)

March 22 - Invitational 16 player 9-Ball Banks - $1,000 Added - ($150)

March 22 - Open 9-Ball Main Event (7:00) - $3,500 Added - ($40)

March 24 - Womens Open 9-Ball (12:00) - $1,000 Added - ($40)

March 24 - Seniors 55+ Open 9-Ball (12:00) - $500 Added - ($40)


*Main Event and Womes Event played on Diamond Bar Boxes

*Seniors Event played on 8ft. tables

*Invitationals played on 9ft. Diamonds and Brunswicks

For more information contact Brent Thomas at 832-725-9750




2013 Season:

First event of the 2013 season will kickoff after the Big Tyme Classic. Stay tuned for the new schedule to come out. 


Mr. Tiger



Briones Wins Again On The Tiger Amateur Tour !!!!!
The Tiger Amateur Tour held stop #8 of the season this past weekend at Slick Willies near Dairy Ashford in Houston,Texas. This is without a doubt the best Slicks location in the city and we had a 75 player turnout for the 2 day event, as well as 20 more for the Sunday Second Chance Event. This event had $1,000 Added to it. We had several out of towners come in from Louisiana, as well as all around Texas, we thank you all.
So we played it down to the final 16 Saturday and they all came back Sunday to fight it out for the cheese. I'm going to give you match updates from Sunday. Winners side action saw Rodney Houdini Stewart take Don Bullard down 11-5, Dale Briones squeaked one out 11-10 against Victor Rojas, after being down 10-5, Bobby Gonzales 11-8 over Joey “The Tiger” Torres, and Ernesto Bayaua got by David Mendiola 11-7, all great and close matches there. This left 4 players on the winners side and they went to battle, Ernesto got by Bobby 11-7 in a match that was game for game up until 7, and Dale squeaked out yet another against Houdini 11-9. This set up a battle for the hot seat match between Dale and Ernesto, they had previously played in the finals against one another in February at the Big Tyme Event. This match looked to be over rather early as Dale held a commanding 10-5 lead, but before you know it, it was a hill-hill battle, and both had their chances in the hill game, when the dust settled Dale cam out on top 11-10.
The one loss side round of 13-16 saw Leon Contreras take out Steve Davenport 9-6, Shane Thompson over Shane Hvamstad 9-3, Abel Lara 9-5 over Dino Little and Sonny Bosshamer 9-6 over David Chow.

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